AND developers | Buy Your Dream Home at Affordable Rates


Followed their undying passion, two visionaries, Mr. Hemant Chheda and Mr. Hemang Dharamshi, arose with a brand new venture in the real estate industry, named AND (AnantNath Developers). Building aspiring lifestyles for the lower middle and salaried class, providing them an abundant space of happiness and ease at an affordable price, is what AND aims for.

Luxury is an aspect we don't wish to compromise on and therefore all our projects have been embellished to suit each of our customer’s need for extravagance and a superior lifestyle. We have added the urge of getting more and giving more in our organizational values and as a lifestyle maker, AND promises to provide more value, more excellence, more life and more quality in every pace of our business.


Our mission is to extend our services completely in building trust in the hearts of all our customers. Our aim is to provide homes that meet all our customer’s need and yet be affordable. We plan to further this thought by standing strong on principles guiding both of us thereby being considered as a brand worth investing in for generations to come.


Our vision extends our mission one more step. We want to provide one million affordable homes to our citizens all over India and become synonym as “Anantnath - The Name is the Guarantee”.


AnantNath Developers is a promising entity in the world of lifestyle building. It's strong vision and mission of creating a lifestyle that promises to provide a life with an “extra” factor is unique.
With this perspective AND (AnantNath Developers) is ready to bring happy living spaces to every lower middle and salaried class Navi Mumbaikar with luxury and comfort.
In the future, AND will raise its bar and enter the luxury segment, creating outstanding landmarks that will stand the test of time. The brand will also enter other areas of infrastructure like retail, hospitality, roadways with the promise of offering ‘much more’.